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Traveling Taipei: Important Landmarks Worth Visiting

Taipei is the home of a multicultural history. Adding to the rich cultural heritage, are the world-famous architectural or cultural landmarks the city has to offer. Taipei is branded as the Heart of Asia, mainly because of its geographical location. If you’re new to Asia, the place to start is Taipei, Taiwan. Think of it as the gateway to Asia. If you’re planning to visit here, let Uno Tours guide you on what landmarks you should visit to this spectacular city.


Taipei 101


Standing proud at the height of 508 meters, it is known as the world’s second tallest building after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. This magnificent landmark is one of the symbols that represent Taipei in its own. Taipei 101’s architecture will make everyone dazed with its beauty. At the 89th and 91st floor, tourists are offered to sneak a peek at the panoramic views of Taipei City. Lastly, another thing that proved itself to belong as one of the most famous buildings in the world is the skyscraper’s different spectrum colors of light that shines every night.





National Palace Museum


This museum is a must-see for tourists. With almost 700,000 pieces of artworks and artifacts, makes it as one of the best art museums in the world. In addition to artworks, it also secures the world’s largest collection of Chinese Arts such as ancient gold jewelries, potteries, carvings, textiles, and even some items that predates to five thousand years ago. Make sure to visit this wonderful place every October. It is because, it offers rare chance to see very rare artifacts especially for foreign visitors.


Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall


This hall is one of the most important structures in Taiwan, as it commemorates the life of their former president, Chiang Kai Shek. Meanwhile, the Liberty Square, the hall inside it, offers scenic beauty of its gardens and ponds. For someone who wants to relax and learn at the same time, this place is worth to visit.


Longshan Temple


Taipei is known for its multicultural heritage. This famous and ancient temple in Taipei that has survived during war and natural disasters, witnessed to that. The city acknowledges its vast diversity of religion: Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism; Longshan Temple happens to be the dwelling place of them in one place. It is not only a place just to worship. It is also a place to learn and awed to its architectural design that every tourist will surely love.


Yehliu Geopark Queen’s Head


For nature lovers, Taipei has many places to offer. If you love to see natural rock formations, the Yehliu Geopark must be your first stop. What makes it spectacular among other landmarks in the world is that its rock formations are perfectly formed by nature. Because on their shapes, some of the formations are named to it such as Bee Hive Rock, Mushroom Rock, Candlestick Rock and many more. Therefore, visiting this place will make it difficult for you to go home.


Aside from the places mentioned, there are other places to visit in the Heart of Asia. On the other hand, Taipei has many sightseeing landmarks due to its large chain of mountains and coastal areas. If you need somewhere to travel around, go visit the city of Taipei. Although not as big as Asian mega cities like Singapore, Korea, or Bangkok, Taipei does have a bunch to offer to visitors.

Touring Bangkok: Traveling in its Wonderful Temples

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is a large city known for ornate shrines and vibrant street life. The boat-filled Chao Phraya River feeds its network of canals, flowing past the Rattanakosin royal district, home to opulent Grand Palace and its sacred Wat Phra Kaew Temple.

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Reasons Why You Should Visit the Philippines

The Philippines is best known for its natural beauty, from white sandy beaches and rich coral reefs to green mountains, perfectly-shaped volcanoes and brightly-colored “Ifugao Rice Terraces that attracted over 4.8 million tourists in 2014, based on the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s Tourism Highlights 2015.


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What is the Best Travel Agency in Manila?

Tourists, both local and foreign alike, asks one but relevant question when it comes to traveling: What is the best travel agency in Manila? Since all of us craves a memorable yet enjoyable travel moment, we will and always will be, find what’s the best for us.


The answer to that question is simple. The best travel agency in Manila is none. Why? It is because travel agencies today provide the best they can offer to satisfy their customer’s needs. With the tourist sector of this country boosting, they will provide many ways, no matter how complicated, just to attract them and to make good memories during their trips.


In the Philippines, travel agencies remain a staple factor in the tourism and traveling sectors for several reasons:


Cheap tour packages

Whether you’re alone or travelling on a group, they are always here to guide what’s best for you. Even you’re on a budget, they can help you spend it in every possible way to ensure you’re going to have a memorable travel moments by means of tour packages.


The Power of Social Media

With the emergence of Social Media that took over the world, advertising is not a problem anymore. Most travel agencies reported that when social media like Facebook and Instagram takes play in attracting customers, their sales performance improved. Blogging sites, for example, promotes a certain location in the Philippines to his/her followers whenever he/she visited it; therefore, encourages more people to go there.


Our Current Generation

Millennials, as they call it, are adventurous and much more curious about things. They are also more multi-ethnic and are value-conscious when spending money especially when it comes to traveling. With Social Media and their views around things, there’s no doubt travel agencies come in handy for planning trips.


Minimal Requirements

As long as you provide some information, identification cards, money and time, you can set a tour on your own with your trusted travel agency. It is really not that hard to travel on your own you know.


All travel agencies want what’s the best for their consumer to satisfy them and build unforgettable memories with wherever their money, time, and effort can take them. All you need to do is ensure that it they offer the important things that you will need during your travel. There really is no best travel agency in Manila.


The main reality is this: Not everybody who is taking a trip needs a travel agent. But the reason that travel agencies remain in this age of information is because they know more about trotting the globe than anyone else.


Furthermore, what may be even more important, having a travel agency in your back provides a safety net in case something goes wrong that even insurance packages can’t offer. Visit www.unotours.com so we can help you plan your next destination and for your other travel needs.

Traveling Beijing And Its Highlighted Festivals

Beijing, the capital of China, is also the cultural center of China. What makes Beijing unique compare to its neighboring Asian countries is that they have a calendar of festivals and holidays throughout the year. Most of Chinese festivals are scheduled based on the lunar calendar. Hence, dates will differ from year to year. For tourists who would like to experience the Chinese festivals, we got your back. Visit http://www.unotours.com/traveling-beijing-highlighted-festivals/?utm_source=lb&utm_medium=submission&utm_campaign=ng

Reach for the Stars with Dubai's Skyscrapers

What comes into your mind when you heard the Dubai? Some would say deserts; some would say its skyscrapers, but unbeknownst to many, Dubai holds the most number of skyscrapers ever built in the world.



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Travelling the Philippines: Affordable and Convenient

Let’s face it. Traveling the Philippines is not as easy as it seems compare other countries. Because of its archipelagic topography, it’s hard to travel from one island to another without spending some expenses which can be a problem to some. But with the right budget and vast knowledge with what you’re visiting, you can make it possible.



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Travel Tips for Millennials in the Philippines

Children born between 1982 and 2002 are who we call the millennial generation. This age group will eventually replace the Baby-boomers as they retire. These most organized generations ever are true multi-taskers, who are expected to have 6-8 careers in their lifetime and are captivated to diverse environments.


With the emerging power of the “millennial market” the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) expressed trust that local tourism will further increase and surpass projections because of them. With the growing numbers of millennials traveling every year, here are tips that could help them maximize their “wanderlust.”


Look for a Local Travel Agent that can help you

As an excited traveler, millennials tend to be overwhelmed about the prices that they see, whether online or offline. To look for a reasonable promo, you should know that getting in touch with a travel agent will help you have better understanding thus, arriving to a wise decision making process.


For millennials who will be traveling for the first time, an experienced tour operator in the Philippines can help you address important issues such as cheap bookings, fun-filled itineraries and accurate travel dates for a hassle-free journey.


Pack Less, Travel Smarter

Packing and traveling light means putting all the important things in your bags and luggages. To be prepared, one must secure a checklist on what to bring like enough number of clothes, travel devices, toiletry basics, important documents, sufficient cash and medicine kit just when you need them the most. The tip is to have atleast 2-3 luggages which include one main bag to save you more money on checked baggage.


Smarter packing will also help you compartmentalize things and where you should find them. Moreover, lesser risk of important items being stolen can be assured. Just pack those that you’ll know you’ll need and use. Traveling light can help you tour comfortably making everything handy and not all over the place.


Share Your Travel Experience on Social Media Properly

Social media is definitely everywhere. With the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, travel-savvy millennials can capture and share their travel pictures online while showcasing the beauty of famous local travel destinations like Boracay, Palawan, Baguio and many more.


Always keep in mind that sharing your travel experiences on social media is not a way to brag, just to say the least, but to educate all your friends and family about the hidden beauty of the place, what it offers and the unique culture it possesses. With this, you can be a great travel ambassador of your country by simply taking pictures using a good camera phone, a lot of creativity and realness in storytelling.


Learn to Socialize with the Locals


When traveling, the most ideal thing to do is to spend your time with the locals. It is then you can familiarize yourself with their culture and tradition. Socializing with the locals can build connections with new people along with new set of experiences and insights in life.


Keep in mind that traveling does not need to be expensive as some people thought it to be. At this day and age, millennials have the freedom to travel knowing that they have it all planned out. Therefore, setting a good travel expectation and looking forward to new experiences will make your trip memorable. Finally, create a lasting impact for more lessons that you’ll learn as you go on in life.

Source: http://www.unotours.com/travel-tips-millennials-philippines/?utm_source=lb&utm_medium=submission&utm_campaign=ng

Tourists Delight: Festivals in Batanes for Every Travelers

Fiestas have huge influence in every Filipino culture. Districts, barangays, cities and provinces in the Philippines celebrate fiestas to reminisce the past, to keep the Filipino spirits alive and to honor different gods. Sometimes, they believed in it as it control certain aspects of life—family, health, wealth, livelihood and others, especially in Batanes.



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Traveling on a Budget: Benefits of Tour Packages Today

Holidays are best spent by doing worthy activities with your significant other, friends or family members. Traveling is one of the best recreational activities to do. Most especially if the vacation that you’ve been wanting to have is long overdue.

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Welcome to Philippines

Mabuhay! Welcome to the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. This country is made up of 3 major island mainly called Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Located in the Southeast Asian region, it is an ideal destination for those who are seeking for the ultimate escapade and nature trip because of its abundant flora and fauna.


Often called as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, tourists and locals here can enjoy verdant forests, pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear lakes and awe-inspiring mountains scattered from different provinces like the famed Boracay, Bohol and El Nido in Palawan. Being endowed with beautiful natural resources, many adventurers can enjoy thrilling outdoor activities here like snorkeling, mountain climbing, trekking and banana boat ride.


Due to its different colonizers, “Filipinas” is the most westernized culture in the Asian continent in many ways. Behind its rich Malay origin conceals a mixture of Spanish, American, Chinese and Japanese heritages.



Aside from that, Philippines is also composed of minor and major tribes found in some provinces. Some of them are the Ifugaos, Negritos and Bajaos which add to the country’s mixture of colorful races.


The Filipinos are known to be one of the most hospitable people in Asia and around the world with welcoming, warm, and artistic attitude. More than the usual Asian cruise which are quite expensive, the Philippines offers a more unique and affordable tourist destinations like Batanes and Legazpi, that encourage the learning of history, arts and culture. Aside from this, Philippines also have wide listing of delectable cuisine with a fusion of Asian and Western taste.

If you plan to visit this country, be sure to stay longer to enjoy various historical landmarks, unique wildlife creatures like the Philippine monkey-eating eagle and the tarsier. Being a tropical country, it has a perfect mix of the hot and cold weather. You can never go wrong if you choose Philippines as a travel destination because its certainly more fun here!

Top 5 Things To Do In El Nido, Palawan




Just over 400 kilometers south of Manila, discover the true unspoiled tropical paradise: El Nido, Palawan. With Uno Tours’ Palawan travel and tour packages, experience a trip like no other. Take a closer look at the top 5 things to do while you’re in El Nido, Palawan to make your trip unforgettable and make the most of it.



Just like Boracay, 5 kilometers south of El Nido, Palawan boasts some of its white sand beaches, the Marimegmeg Beach.  If you want to just chill out and escape the city life, this is the perfect place to relax while chilling under the palm trees. It remains clean despite of the arriving tourists and of course, offers fantastic sunset views. This beach is just 5-minutes away from Corong-Corong Beach by tricycle.

Travel the stunning twin beaches of Calitang and Nacpan Beaches, which is 45-minutes away from the town proper. The famous twin beach has 2 appearances, azure on one side and a darker touch on the other. Simply get a tan, meet welcoming locals, dip into the waters for a refreshing swim or check out the private island of Manny Pacquiao.



Along with Uno Tours’ Palawan travel package, we’ll help you travel the whole El Nido and its attractions to offer such as island hopping. You can select some variety of island hopping tours like coves and cave visiting or see the most photographed place in town, the Matinloc Shrine. To enjoy the experience fully, you should try kayaking, snorkeling and swimming to the lagoons of Miniloc Island.



Taraw Cliff is a huge limestone cliff overlooking the beautiful town of El Nido in Palawan. It is the highest peak in El Nido therefore, it is the most noticeable figure when seen from the waters when approaching the town. Yes, it is an admiring scenery but to people who loves adventures, this is a new opportunity for a thrilling experience. The view that awaits atop the cliff is a captivating view of El Nido and waters below. It is undeniably rewarding which makes it totally worth all the pain.



            With more than 100 white sand beaches, it is not complete without trying water adventures such as surfing. Mike’s Point prove that El Nido is a top surfing destination. Mike Hular, El Nido’s 29-year-old lone surfer, provides equipment and offers surfing lessons. He’ll also take you to the best surfing spots in town.



El Nido is the home to various forms of marine wildlife. Vast number of fish species are found here. The world's rarest marine mammal, the sea cow, known locally as "dugong" and manta rays are a common sight here when in season. Snorkel to get up close and personal with different marine creatures. This is a great experience for both adults and kids.

El Nido, Palawan is undeniably one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines. It has also been declared as one of the world’s nature reserves and heritage site. With its rainforests, majestic mountains, karst cliffs, primitive caves and virgin beaches, Uno Tours, one of the best travel agency in Manila, would be glad to help make your next unforgettable getaway to this tropical paradise possible.

Practical Reasons Why Koreans Travel in the Philippines

There are many Koreans who visit the Philippines to explore tourist attractions and great local food. According to the Department of Tourism, there are a total of 100,000 arrivals from Koreans on a monthly basis since February 2015.

Some of the best tourist’s destinations for Korean tourists are Manila, Cebu, Bohol and Southern Luzon. According to a tour operator in the Philippines, they are all around the country; they are almost found in Kalibo, Aklan, Clark, Davao and many other places.


This means that the Philippine Tourism industry attained significant growth that created a mutually beneficial relationship between the two countries. In fact, Philippines is becoming one of the favorite destinations of the Koreans for these several reasons:



Koreans Prefer to Study English in the Philippines


For many Koreans, studying in the Philippines is the first step to learn conversational English. Learning the English language is the key for their competency so that they could land on white-collar jobs when they go back to their country. Korean students study in the country because Filipinos are well-versed in speaking English.


According to the Wall Street Journal, roughly around 14 thousand Koreans have traveled to the Philippines over the last 3 years to learn English at private academies for a fraction of a cost as compared to other English speaking nations. Foreigners mostly prefer to meet  patient, fun-loving and hardworking Filipino teachers.



Koreans Enjoy Philippines’ Holiday and Leisure Destinations


Indeed, Koreans have invaded the Philippines in a good way. With Filipino’s warmth and welcoming personality, they fell in love with some of the famous tourist spots in the country.


A Filipino travel agent also told that they love to visit the Philippines because of less travel hours from Seoul. They also come to the Philippines over the weekend to play golf, to shop, relax and do other entertaining activities. This only means that they are bringing in bucket of dollars into the Philippines both through consumer spending and direct investments.



The Low-Cost of Living in the Philippines Attracted Koreans


Koreans prefer to study here because it is better of more affordable than other Asian countries. They are able to live comfortably in the Philippines even on a very limited budget. Some of them are not just about touring the Philippines, they settled in the Philippines because of its pristine, vast, and attractive environment and relatively low cost of living.


While the Philippines is becoming one of the favorite destinations of the Koreans, there is also a demand of Filipinos who wants to visit Korea or any travel hotspots in the Philippines. This only goes to show that there is a very healthy exchange of tourism between these two lovely nations.


Touring Bohol: Important Landmarks You Should Visit

Bohol is one of the most famous tourist destinations because of “Chocolate Hills.” But did you know that this province in the Central Visayan region has a lot more to offer? To give you an overview, this place has different spots suited for families, friends and even couples. Some of these landmarks are offered and organized by different tour operators in the Philippines.

Last October 2013, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake strucked Bohol which has left huge amount of damages to the island’s centry old churches and buildings. Fast forward today, the province is well on its way to recovery. Along with the calamity that they’ve faced, the Boholanos resiliency are very evident as they proudly show locals and even foreign tourists its diverse world-famous tourist attractions. 

The upcoming holidays are the best time to visit Bohol. Check out the best places that you can think of to enjoy its God-given beauty. Thus, we have compiled some of its important landmarks to make the most out of your tour.

Tarsier Observation in Corella

Tarsiers are nocturnal mammals that are usually comparable with the size of a human fist. These gentle animals are found at the Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella, Bohol. This well-known sanctuary surely promotes the preservation and observation of the Philippine tarsier or scientifically called as: Tarsius Syrichta in their natural habitat.

Boholanos ensure that Tarsiers are well taken care of since the creatures are endangered species. These sensitive animals can be disturbed easily. So, if you want to take a picture of them, it is best to turn off the flash of your camera.

Panglao Island

This island found in the southern part of Bohol is best known to have the best white sand beaches. Aside from these prestigious islands, Panglao’s many resorts also offer whale watching with spinner dolphins seen after sunrise. Thus, island hopping is one of the best activity it offers.

Aside from the alluring beaches of Panglao, it also showcases other famous attractions such as the Bohol Bee Farm. Other includes a separate old resort and restaurant which serves yummy, organic healthy food as well as other Boholano delicacies. They also sell souvenirs for their local and foreign tourists.

Baclayon Church in Bohol

One of the oldest stone churches in the Philippines, this religious place traces its relics back to the early 16th century. At the municipality of Baclayon, Bohol, you may found the La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church.

Firefly Cruise in Loay River

These illuminating and twinkling light insects can be found in Loay River at night. This is a perfect place for tourists who are looking for a new itinerary. In this activity, you will ride a slow moving unlit barge that will take you to the wider part of the river. Meanwhile, the river are filled with moving mangroves giving it an eerie or romantic vibe depending on your mood.

You don't have to spend too much money to enjoy these famous landmark in Bohol. Traveling that fits your budget without compromising the opportunity of seeing a world-class tourist destination that you and your travel buddies are enough to be proud of.


Touring Davao City in Affordable Ways

Davao is one of the most celebrated cities in the Philippines. It is where you’ll taste a notoriously pungent but yummy fruit called “Durian.” In addition, here dwells the captive-bred Philippine Eagle, an endangered specie. In the world, Davao ranks 5th among the safest cities, making it one of the ideal places for local and foreign tourists annually.

Traveling is best enjoyed if money is spend wisely. For first-time tourist, getting an affordable tour packages in Davao is one of the ways to get started. But of course, the best getaway experience is always best spent with dear friends and loved ones. Here are some tips on how to spend a budget-friendly vacation with them.

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